A website is the virtual home for your business. Having an intriguing website is necessary to get success in this highly competitive online market. You can try to boost the sales through social medias like Facebook, Twitter using well crafted social updates. But to turn your effort into reality you need an alluring yet functional website which can reflect your business ethos.

Understand the Business First

Before starting a website design, understand the business goals of your customer. Understand the customer requirements and technically perform the fit gap analysis. As a good designer you need to transform customer’s vision into reality.

The Design Strategy

You should design a website depending on the business needs. There is continuous upgradation happening in design world. As Software Corporation you have to be up to date. Cost measure is an important factor to be considered while designing a website. There are already hosting platforms available in the market such as WordPress. So first you need to decide which option a customer is opting for – Hosting platforms or Designers? Secondly the content and images of the website should be strong and impressive. These are the creative measures of a meaningful website.

Boost Sales Through Website

Designing an attractive website doesn’t end your job. The ultimate goal of a website is to spread your business and boost up the sale. Your designed website must be easily searchable through Google or other search engines. So your website has to be search engine optimized. You have to do keyword research intellectually and ensure a higher rank in Google. You need to introduce web analytics techniques to measure the website traffic. It is also necessary to analyze the demographic details and other insight views of the potential visitors of the website. This may help you for further modifications in your websites and even in business strategy. From small software companies to big IT giants, setting up of Google Analytics is a useful solution for it.

Blogging a Medium of Your Message

Blogging is a useful medium to connect with potential customers. So it is necessary to create blog section in your website. This is an area through which you can convey important aspects of a particular business to the visitors.

Make it Informative

Let your website answer all the pertaining questions related to your business. If it is unable to give a clear picture of your business then it is to be considered as a bad website.

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PHP is server side scripting language which we have choosen for our development purpose as it is powerful and flexible. Applications developed by PHP can be deployed easily and upgradable as and when required. PHP has become one of the best choice for website development as it is freely available, highly scalable and supports multiple platforms and development frameworks. It offers a wide range of videos and graphics which is helpful to avoid stereotype template. It also supports several open source CMS.At Paperlink Softwares ,we focus on our client’s requirement and put our innovative PHP technical efforts to portray the business needs correctly.

We also use custom php development as it offers end-to-end solutions for developing websites. These types of websites are user-friendly and SEO friendly. It supports cross browser compatibility. At Paperlink Softwares, we’re experienced with development across multiple PHP based platforms, including Magento and WordPress. We make responsive websites using our custom php development. Our development follows agile methods.

Our expert php web developers have strong experience in highly secured, multi-user, robust, high valued and high performance web applications development. They are flexible in developing rich internet applications with PHP, HTML5, Javascript, JQuery.Our PHP developers are experienced in migration projects. They have well versed knowledge in PHP custom CMS development. So to work with us means to hire php developer with rich industry experience.

To increase our own development team size,we are looking for php programmers for hire. We prefer mostly certified PHP developers with hands-on php development skills. They should have good knowledge on industry trends. They should be endowed with good experience and must be capable to face any kind of challenges related to all genres of websites. Apart from the good technical knowledge, good and fast learning capabilities are the two important criteria’s we look forward among our resources. These are the two most important aspects a candidate should acquire as technologies are changing and upgrading everyday and we have to walk with the same pace.

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As a business owner you must be interested to get a good market position through your website. You want your website to be well-designed and SEO optimized for this purpose.So obviously you search for a good SEO company who can do this magic for you. There are numerous companies doing this job, but how do you measure the efficiency of a SEO website company before choosing it?

Some of The Points to be Considered When Selecting Among SEO Service Firms-

Understanding of The Business

The goal of an SEO specialist is just not to increase the traffic for an website, but to increase the revenue of the business through the traffic. So he needs to understand the business and the goal of it. It is necessary for him to indentify the target customers of the business. Not every website will use the same tactics of optimization. Years of experience of the SEO expert is one of the measure that helps him to identify which technique is appropriate for a particular website. He should have good network and must follow SEO blogs to keep himself updated about the market trends.

Understanding of SEO Levels

There are three levels of SEO –
Technical –The design structure of a website which determines whether it is easy or difficult for a search engine to crawl and index the content of the website.

On-Page Optimization – The use of certain elements as keywords and HTML tags to increase traffic.

Off-page Optimization – Content and link building.

An SEO expert should determine the strategy considering above three dimensions with same gravity. A good SEO consultancy firm must have fair knowledge on the limitations of a search engine may have, so that they can instruct the website developers appropriately. It helps to access the website contents by the search engine efficiently.

Good Knowledge on Website Design

The best SEO service provider should understand the anatomy of a website design. It is very important that the website is designed using SEO friendly theme otherwise on-page SEO is not possible. An ideal website design must comprise of web fonts, HTML, CSS, expandable Div. This is a good way to increase website style along with crawlability.

Marketing Approach
SEO is a highly competitive technology. A local search engine optimization company needs to understand marketing thoroughly. They need to penetrate the psychology of the business users, their culture, the social media landscape, web analytics, importance of fresh content,product business model and many more. They must maintain 360 degree marketing approach. An SEO expert must interact with other business areas of the organizations like IT, sales to get clear vision of the business trends. Excellent communication skill is one of the important virtues an SEO expert must have as a skill.

Customer Feedback
Customer referrals and reorganization is one of the vital measures for the company. It gives a proven track record of their performance.

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Do you know the lead time for your website to impress a visitor online? You will get only 2-3 seconds in internet. Top web design companies make sure that the website is up to date, easy to navigate and attractive to win the game. Every visitor who visit your website is increasing the traffic for your website. So as a graphic agency it is your duty to make site design in a way so that it will give a clear picture of your brand. Your Home Page is the online receptionist for your business. It serves three main purposes for your business-

• Represents your brand to the visitors.
• Back linking of other web pages.
• Holds a good Logo of your business.

Some Basic Rules Need to be Followed While Working on Webpage Design:

Make it Simple
Your webpage content should not use business jargons, rather it must be easy to understand and easy to navigate. Choose font and format appropriate with your business.

Be Wise While Selecting Fonts
Make your web pages are readable. You should not choose a font which makes your visitor to end up reading after 2-3 lines of the page. Fonts have a deep psychological impact on visitor’s mind. So your webpage must look nice and soothing to eyes.

Apply Imaginatory Power While Selecting the Color Scheme
Select the color of your webpage based on your brand. Make the color a key metric to make your webpage appealing. If your business demands, make it loud but don’t overdo. Understand the psychology of colors and apply appropriately. Give your user search form to explore your website provide google powered search form. In your home page so that a visitor can explore and navigate the website for whatever they are looking for.

Use Professional Photography
Famous graphic design companies invest in good professional photography. Your webpage content and photography must have emotional connection and it must give some breath space to the visitor.

Make it Responsive
Your website must be reachable from any device. So make sure your web pages are designed in responsive way.

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