How to Make a Good Webpage for Online Business with a Graphic Agency

by paperlink / 3 Apr 2017 / Published in Mobile, Technology
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Do you know the lead time for your website to impress a visitor online? You will get only 2-3 seconds in internet. Top web design companies make sure that the website is up to date, easy to navigate and attractive to win the game. Every visitor who visit your website is increasing the traffic for your website. So as a graphic agency it is your duty to make site design in a way so that it will give a clear picture of your brand. Your Home Page is the online receptionist for your business. It serves three main purposes for your business-

• Represents your brand to the visitors.
• Back linking of other web pages.
• Holds a good Logo of your business.

Some Basic Rules Need to be Followed While Working on Webpage Design:

Make it Simple
Your webpage content should not use business jargons, rather it must be easy to understand and easy to navigate. Choose font and format appropriate with your business.

Be Wise While Selecting Fonts
Make your web pages are readable. You should not choose a font which makes your visitor to end up reading after 2-3 lines of the page. Fonts have a deep psychological impact on visitor’s mind. So your webpage must look nice and soothing to eyes.

Apply Imaginatory Power While Selecting the Color Scheme
Select the color of your webpage based on your brand. Make the color a key metric to make your webpage appealing. If your business demands, make it loud but don’t overdo. Understand the psychology of colors and apply appropriately. Give your user search form to explore your website provide google powered search form. In your home page so that a visitor can explore and navigate the website for whatever they are looking for.

Use Professional Photography
Famous graphic design companies invest in good professional photography. Your webpage content and photography must have emotional connection and it must give some breath space to the visitor.

Make it Responsive
Your website must be reachable from any device. So make sure your web pages are designed in responsive way.

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